1. Its enough to have one speaking role for African American actor and one for Chinese to justify the other 538 white actors in the movie. Who knows how many African American/Asian/Hispanic actors wasted gas, money, and energy to audition for this movie. I won’t even be surprised if the audition call mentioned “color blind”. Actually, they might have been behind the masks and under the costumes. You can get $150 a day for that role.


  1. You can develop a weapon that can destroy planets by sucking sun energy but it can be destroyed with a few small explosives that you put in 3 random points.


  1. You can’t save the world without looking good.


  1. You can be an insignificant soldier for the empire of the galaxy but, you can still know exactly what and where is the location to hit their 300 billion dollars’ weapon.


  1. They almost had a romance between a white girl and African American guy but they resisted the temptation.


  1. Adults can enjoy a movie with a childish plot as long as they see enough explosions and strange creatures.


  1. According to the reactions of the audience, not sure why they have a plot at all. All they have to do is to put some pictures of the old spaceship, the old robot and 2-3 old characters from the previous movies to make the audience cheer frantically.


  1. You can be captured by evil creatures that can kill you any second but still have a sense of humor – “so who talk first. Do I talk first, do you talk first…”


  1. If two men meet on a bridge on top of a scary abyss, one has to fall.


  1. They made sure the African American and the old guy will not be in the sequel.


Written by Nathan Amir.


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