The World cup soccer is about to start. This is a feeling no football (American), basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, poker, curling and all will ever understand. It is like honey moon every 4 years. It is like being a child again for a month. All problems in life disappear. Work, money, family, everything goes to the right proportions, which means, insignificant compared to the round ball kicked by few guys. But we all know every day into the world cup is also one more day closer to the end. And the emptiness, loneliness that comes with it. Work, money, family come back to the main stage of life and you look with tears at the round ball which just a month ago was the excuse to procrastinate everything. For those of you guys that are not soccer lovers, I can only compare the feeling to the time you are dating a new girl and she is standing naked in front of you for the first time. You are all excited, the world around you disappears, the phone call from the boss can wait and the exam for tomorrow is just another exam. You have only her beautiful naked body in front of you. But you also know that once you touch it for the first time, this feeling will never come back. This is how we feel now, just before the first game! So, let the game begin!!!

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